Thank you from your winner, Katie

katiepickering-wThank you so much to all the students that took part in the competition over the last 2 weeks and especially to those who voted for me. You asked some really good questions about a variety of things and it’s great to know so many of you are intrigued about science, and have so many questions. After all that’s what science is about….trying to answer lots of questions just in different ways!

It was an amazing experience being in the live chat rooms and answering questions with some phenomenal scientists. I’m still in total shock that I won! I entered the competition very last minute and didn’t even expect to get picked to take part, never mind win. It just goes to show that you never know until you try.

I hope that I managed to answer questions from everyone who sent them through to me as well. If I didn’t I am truly sorry as there were just so many to get through. I really enjoyed the mix of science and get to know you type questions as us scientists are just regular people too. I also really enjoyed getting to know some of you and your pet’s names. I wish I’d had a picture of my dog Trouble to show you as she featured in many of the live chats and answers to questions.

I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone again for voting for me, for the work that the I’m a Scientist team have put into organising the event, the moderators in the live chat rooms, the Physiological Society for funded the Body Zone, and last but by no means least Theresia, Giovanna, Duane and Andy for being awesome at what they do and taking part in the event with me. It was great getting to briefly chat with you guys too in between the live chats.

Best Wishes and good luck with your science studies.


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