• Question: How many layers do you have on your skina

    Asked by Caleb to Andy, Duane, Giovanna, Katie, Theresia on 18 Nov 2014. This question was also asked by R2D2.
    • Photo: Theresia Mina

      Theresia Mina answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      Hi Caleb, there many layers, but they are roughly divided to be epidermis (the top) and the dermis (the bottom). Depending on which textbook you refer to, sometimes the dermis are divided into 2: mesodermis (middle layer) and endodermis (inner layer). Hope this helps!

    • Photo: Duane Mellor

      Duane Mellor answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      I agree with Theresia, I think that there are 3 layers

    • Photo: Andrew Philp

      Andrew Philp answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      I think Theresia has this spot on, three clear layers!