• Question: Why is your we yellow?

    Asked by PonyGirl12 to Andy, Duane, Giovanna, Katie on 19 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Duane Mellor

      Duane Mellor answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      It is from a compound called urochrome. This is a breakdown product from haem which is found in red blood cells

    • Photo: Andrew Philp

      Andrew Philp answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Great answer from Duane, nothing i can add to that one sorry….

    • Photo: Katie Pickering

      Katie Pickering answered on 21 Nov 2014:

      When we are dehydrated the concentration of this is much higher and makes the pee darker. If we are hydrated enough this product gets diluted and the pee is lighter in colour or even clear sometimes. The colour of your pee is a good indicator of if you have had enough water to drink. You should aim for it to be a pale yellow colour.